Symptoms Of Kidney Problems In Women

Symptoms Of Kidney Problems In Women – Mild Stroke Symptoms.

Symptoms Of Kidney Problems In Women

symptoms of kidney problems in women


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CT scan of abdomen/pelvis without contrast showing my 3mm stone in my Right Kidney, coronal plane view.

CT scan of abdomen/pelvis without contrast showing my 3mm stone in my Right Kidney, coronal plane view.
I was in the emergency room due to a Kidney Stone in my right Kidney on September 5th. Apparently its only 3mm but I tell ya, it’s incredibly painful if you’ve never had one. This was my first time and hopefully my last. I didn’t pass it on my own until September 21. Lucky for me, since I happen to be a student in the Radiology Department and I have a little technical know-how when it comes to computers, I was able to get the images off the CD and label where my stone is!


Caption: Gently hitting the kidneys will help to shake out sediment.